Youth Programme

Who are we:

DLRCAT is the Youth Drug and Alcohol Service bases in Sandyford. DLRCAT provides assistance and treatment to under18's who are having problems with thier drug and alcohol use. DLRCAT provides evidence based treatment on the individual needs of the service user.


  • To ensure that appropriate treatments are provided to young people with drug and alcohol problems
  • To reduce the harm caused to young people by addressing their drug or alcohol use 
  • To develop the capicity of a young person to solve their own difficulities 
  • To provide support and guidance to familes who are affected by a young persons drug or alcohol problem
  • To provide appropriate interventions for under 18s in line with best international research and standards 
  • To work collaboratively with other agencies to ensure the best possiable outcomes for the young person

What we do

  • Information and advice
  • Drug and alcohol assessment 
  • Family Support
  • Key working and care planning 
  • Interagency case management 

How do I get addiction support?

Individuals can refer themselves to this service, or be refered by parent/guardian, GP, Youth worker, Social Worker or other community, voluntary or statutory agency.

Downloadable referral form here

Cathment area:

DLRCAT provides a service ro people living in the Dun Laoghaire area. Please call us for more information on area we cover.

Where are we?

Unit 8 Leopardstown Office Park, Burton Hall Ave Sandyford Dublin 18

Contact Details

Tel: 01-2176140  or  email: