The Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Community Alcohol Support Service aims to:

  •   Prevent the harm caused by the unsafe use of alcohol
  •   Help people who want to cut down or stop drinking
  •   Help people who are affected by someone else’s drinking

What can we do for you?

  •   Look at your current alcohol use and discuss what problem this is causing
  •   Give you information and advice on how to reduce the risk of unsafe drinking
  •   Help you cut down or stop drinking
  •   Provide Aftercare support
  •   Help you deal with other problems that may be caused by your  drinking, such as lack of confidence, anxiety, family problems etc.
  •   Referral  to other specialist services which may be needed to help you deal with your problems
  •   Encourage you to make positive lasting change
  •   We will offer you appointments to develop an individual careplan that can help you progress   
  •   We offer a free and confidential service

 How many units of alcohol in your drink?


An alcohol problem may be caused by drinking too much too often, or at wrong times. You do not have to be dependent or an “Alcoholic” to have a problem. Drinking unsafely is the biggest cause of alcohol problems this means:

For men:
Drinking more than 2.4 standard drinks/units a day, every day or more than 17 standard drinks/units a week is harmful

For women: Drinking more than 1.5 standard drinks/units a day, every day or more than 11 standard drinks/units a week is harmful

NOTE: Strong beers and larger’s can be up to three times the strength of ordinary beers and larger’s


Other useful numbers                         Other useful information

AA                                        01 – 842 0700                                    HSE Alcohol Leaflet

Al-anon                                 01 – 873 2699

HSE Drugs & Alchol helpline    1800 459 459

Cluain Mhuire                        01 – 217 2100