Treatment and Rehabilitation Programme

Dunlaoghaire Rathdown Community Addiction Team (CAT) assesses and addresses the needs of substance misusers in the DLR area. Typically the central presenting issue of concern is  their drug/alcohol-using behaviour.

The Treatment and Rehabilitation programme based in CAT adresses their drug/alcohol using behaviour that is impacting negatively on their individual development and well-being, social and family relations and potentially undermining their participation in work, training, education, or in causing a dependency.

CAT also has a programme for adult family members of persons with a drug/alcohol problem.The programme is structured around keyworking/case management and draws from established psycho-social therapies,
assisting participants to assess and evaluate their situation and to prepare and implement customised care plans, bring about personal and behavioural change, dealing with their substance misuse and other related problems, overcoming addiction and preventing relapse.

Typically programme participants include:
• Persons not attending any programmes and who are seeking assistance, including assessment, in dealing with their substance misuse.
• Persons attending other specialist drug programmes – e.g. methadone maintenance - seeking additional assistance in rehabilitation, harm reduction, or relapse prevention.
• Persons attending other health or social services and who seek assistance in dealing with the substance misuse dimension to other psycho-social issues.
• Adult family members of persons whose substance misuse is impacting directly on their lives and welfare

The T&R programme commences with assessing the impact of substance misuse on persons referred, providing information and support through one-to-one intervention and through an engagement, as appropriate, with other close persons, for example partners, friends, family members.

The programme pays particular attention to linking referred persons into other treatment systems where this is indicated, such as methadone programmes, detox, AA, NA, and it also explores the need for other morespecialised supports, where necessary; which might include housing, employment, education and psychology assessment.

Through CAT the Treatment And Rehabilitation programme outreaches into local communities, social services, GPs and relevant medical centres, other locally based addiction services and programmes working closely with people within the context of their families and employers and other social networks, as appropriate.

Through CAT the programme brings empathy, professional judgement and a commitment to facilitating a change process in substance misuse behaviours and in participants Relationships, social and emotional development.