Here is a overview of our Aims:

  • To develop a service that views addiction as a community issue. 
  • To provide an addiction service that involves the community at large. 
  • To provide a service for people with an addiction with the view of engaging them with mainstream services 
  • To support clients in addressing their drug and alcohol use. 
  • To offer family support 
  • To offer support to Young people
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information around harm reduction to our client group.
  • To be in a position to respond to the emerging need of our client group as those needs develop. 
  • To facilitate those who have no access or contact with appropriate services.
  • To refer people with an addiction onto other relevant service providers if required.
  • To work in collaboration with the DLR Task Force and other relevant agencies within the Dun Laoghaire Area